Cayman-Horizontal Windlass 700W/  1000W

The range of horizontal anchor windlasses are suitable for boats from 18 up to 150 feet offering the best performance and functionality, when there is adequate deck space or if the chain locker has limited size or accessibility.They are simple to use, reliable, with their classic and timeless style making them perfect for many vessels, especially for the charter business.

Material and finish, marine grade aluminium alloy: Our horizontal anchor windlasses are produced by using marine glade aluminium alloy. The body is polished and anodised. Most of the components are made by hot forging. The horizontal models are available as the standard version, in anodised aluminium. Some models are available with a painted white polyester coating.

Main Features

-Marine aluminium anodised body

-Available in white polyester coating

-Independent Gypsy and drum operation

-Manual chain release

-Manual override

-Heavy duty rated IP66 electric motor

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Cayman- Horizontal Windlass 700W/  1000W

Product Dimensions (mm)

Model A D F L M N
700W 230 Ø85 370 85 150 175
1000W 230 Ø85 370 85 150 175

Product Description 

Construction Anodised Aluminium
Motor Size 700W 1000W
Power Supply (V) 12 12 24
Maximum Pull (kg) 1000 1250 1325
Working load (kg) 100 170 170
Amps at Working Load (A) 110 150 80
Line speed at Working Load (m/min) 21 16 17
Max Line Speed (m/min) 32 32 33
Net Weight with Drum (kg) 24 25 25
Circuit Breaker (Available separately) 187332 187333 187332
Control Box Included in package

Product Code

CAYMAN Code Code Code
With Drum 6 mm, ISO 4565/DIN 766 600043 * *
8 mm, ISO 4565/DIN 766 220273 220279 *
10 mm, ISO 4565 * 419732 *
10 mm, DIN 766 * 600165 600180

Box includes:

*Windlass assembly filled with oil
*Dual direction solenoid pack
*Handle or lever
*CD instruction manual