KUPO-SensoTex not only designs and manufactures liquid level sensors but also provides liquid level sensing solutions for the fields of automotive (trucks and buses), marine (boats and yachts), agriculture (farming machines), construction (excavators and forklift), and power generator. In addition to liquid level sensors for above application, we also supply marine equipments deriving from our know-how of liquid level sensors such as gauges series, rudder sensor, boat leakage alarm, boat bilge pump switch and so on.

Our SFW series liquid level sensors are custom-designed to your specification requirements. All of the material of our liquid level sensor is considered during the design procedure to ensure they will perfectly suit your requirement. The length and resistance range of the liquid level sensor is customizable. There are two mounting ways available as well: 1-1/4” BSP thread and SAE 5 holes for you to choose. Our liquid level sensors are compatible with most fluid types including fuel, bio-fuel, diesel, oil, water, DEF/AdBlue, and other special fluid. The liquid level sensors are designed using materials that are suitable for above applications, including aluminum, stainless steel #304/316, nylon and ABS.