1500w/  1700w

The “X” vertical windlasses are suitable for sail and motor boats from 6m to 27m in length. They have different motorization attributes according to each model. For the X2 windlass and X3 windlass there is a Plus version of stainless steel AISI 316L mirror polishing which offers a stronger protection against corrosion.

→The standard features that you can meet in every X series windlass are:

→Watertight stainless steel ball bearing in the base (for better functionality and zero maintenance) which is a unique feature in the windlass market.

→The clutch is made by two conical discs connected to the main shaft by two parallel planes on the shaft, in order to avoid using keys and allocate the weight load properly.

→The electric motor and gearbox are connected by a particular coupling that is made by a socket for easier maintenance.

→There is a sensor in the base and a magnet into the gipsy so they can be connected to a chain counter.

→Manual override so that the chain or rope can be recovered manually in case of electric function failure.

Main Features

—Luxury chrome bronze base and drum

—With drum or Low profile

—Independent Gypsy and drum operation

—Rope and chain combination Gypsy

—Manual chain release

—Manual override available for chromed bronzed modes only

—Rope chain management by the spring loaded arm.

—Chain counter magnet pre-installed as standard

—IP66 rated heavy duty electric motor

—Anodised marine aluminium gearbox


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X3-Vertical Windlass 1500W/ 1700W

Product Description

Construction Aluminium Chromed bronze
Motor Size 1700W 1500W 1700W
Power Supply (V) 12 12 12 24
Maximum Pull (Kg) 1600 1200 1600 1695
Working Load (Kg) 270 190 270 270
Amps at Working Load (A) 180 150 180 90
Line Speed at Working Load (m/min) 14 17 14 15
Max Line Speed (m/min) 32 40 32 32
Net Weight Low Profile (Kg) 32 32 35 35
Net Weight with Drum (Kg) 35 35 38 38
Circuit Breaker (available separately) 187334 187333 187334 187332
Control Box Included in package

Product Code

X3 Code Code Code Code
With Drum 8mm, ISO4565/DIN766 14mm, 3-strand 57451 601079 600064 600068
10mm, DIN766 16mm, 3-strand 57452 * 602101 602103
10mm, ISO4565 16mm, 3-strand * 472865 473208 473252
12mm, IS04565/ 13mm,DIN766 18mm, 3-strand 57453 601084 473004 473005
Low Profile 8mm, ISO4565/DIN766 14mm, 3-strand 601128 601070 600065 *
10mm, DIN766 16mm, 3-strand * * 602102 602104
10mm, ISO4565 16mm, 3-strand 601129 472866 473209 473256
12mm, ISO4565/ 13mm, DIN766 18mm, 3-strand * 601075 472842 473006

*Non-standard configuration optional gypsies can be supplied separately.

Product Dimensions 

Model A B C D E* F G H I J L
1500W 195 50-70 155 Ø92 110 270 80 255 192 134 145
1700W 195 50-70 155 Ø92 110 270 80 300 192 Ø127 140

*Low Profile height dimensions

Box includes:

*Windlass assembly filled with oil
*Dual direction solenoid pack
*Handle or lever
*CD instruction manual