SHF-04 Sewage/Waste Water/Fuel

Sensotex SHF series liquid level sensors are compatible with waste water, fuel, diesel, bio-fuel, and many other fluids. The main feature of SHF liquid level sensor is the outside tube which is used to filter the impurities. It is often used as sewage liquid level sensor. Further application is controlling sewage water level. As each sensor is manufactured to the required length there is no need for any mechanical adjustment by the customer.

Features & Options

*Outside tube for filtering impurities in the waste/sewage water

*Analogue output with reed switch technology

*Various kinds of materials for every type of liquid application

*1-1/4” BSP thread or 6 holes fitment options

*Customizable resistance range (Ohm value) for liquid level at empty from full

*Sensors have optional connector output with flying leads or your desired pin side connector

*Optional low level alarm to remind the driver of filling fuel up when the fuel level down to the empty

*Can be integrated with GPS tracking and monitoring system (added value)

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SHF-04 Sewage/Waste Water/Fuel

Code 18-00009
Application Sewage/Waste Water/Fuel
Material Stainless Steel
Resistance Range Customization
Assembly Way 6 Holes
Accessories  Rubber Gasket+Stainless Steel Screw
Available Size 111/214/320/423mm

100-1500 mm without Outside Tube