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Heavy-Duty Modular Design Terminal Studs with Insulation Partition

BF435-Heavy-Duty Modular Design Terminal Studs with Insulation Partition


  • Allow terminating of heavy-duty cables for one or more connections (each terminal)
  • Removable insulation partition included
  • Heavy duty terminal studs (up to M10), allowing current up to 200A (rating determined by wires connected)
  • Terminal Studs available in M8 or M10 (Default: M10 )
  • Module box design for easy wiring configurations
  • Glass Fiber reinforced Nylon base and enclosure ensures great mechanical strength and durability
  • Removable windows for unobstructed wiring
  • Blank write-on space on the top allows easy labeling for each branch


  • Base & Cover Material | Nylon, Glass Fiber reinforced
  • Max Operating Voltage | DC 48V
  • Max Amp per circuit | Determined by wires connected
  • Terminal Stud Size | 4 x M10 (3/8″)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) | 138 x 69 x 44.5mm