Newly redesigned, the R300 now benefits from evolutions already pioneered on the R450. Both light and powerful this unit has been consistently specified by designers around the world for many years and is ideal for yachts from 60-104′.

Main Features 

*Retract to leave smooth hull lines

*When deployed ideal immersion depth is achieved

*Water resistant

*Allow ideal weight distribution

*Ideal for high performance yachts

*Unique patented folding movement

*Case hardened Spiro-conical gears

*Lightweight design

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R300 System Hydraulic Retractable Thruster

Product Description 

Thrust 11 kg per kw
Max. hydraulic power (kw) 25
Propellers  Duo, 3 blades
Weight (kg) 73
Model            Code HP KW Flow Pressure Motor
R300/15      317807 14.74 11 29 LPM 240 B 15 cc
R300/21      317809 23.59 17.6 44 LPM 240 B 21 cc

Product Dimensions in (mm)

Model A B C D E
R300 665 500 450 300 360