Epsilon Inflatable Life Jacket 165N, ISO 12402-3 with HAMMAR MA1 Inflator

Code: 71724

The Epsilon inflatable life jacket provides optimal protection whilst allowing maximum freedom of movement and comfort with high performance. It features a soft neoprene fabric for the neck and one chamber which can be inflated via MA1 Hydrostatic Inflator for life jacket auto operation head and bear oral inflation tube incorporating Lalizas valves (20610, certified per ISO 12402-7).

The gas cylinder is located inside the Lifejacket bladder, for maximum protection against corrosion and reduced snagging hazard. Its unique hydrostatic valve protects the water sensitive element, so there is no activation in rain, spray, splash and humidity.

Additionally there is no service requirement of the inflator for 5 years. They are provided with lifting loop and heavy duty D-ring.

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