Electric Searching Lights

12V/  24V

Single Spotlight: Same as the previous version but with a single h4 lamp 6″ 146mm.

Our range of marine lights are designed to withstand the rigors of sea-life. We engineer each product to match exact performance specification listings for an extra margin of safety. Our spotlights are designed to offer the best combination of beam spread(width) and intensity (length).Remote control and 4 mt extension lead are included, Spare extension lead and double station control panel available. All manufactured in special ABS ( UVA protected) sun ray-proof materials.

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    Electric Searching Lights 12V/ 24V

    • Candle Power: 100000 meters
    • Range at 1 Lux: 262 meters
    Code Model Volt Amp Spare Bulb Remote Control Double Station
    11-00205 Electric 55W 12 6 11-00209 11-00207 11-00213
    11-00206 Electric 55W 24 4 11-00210 11-00208 11-00214