Main Features

*Standard wheel turns: 5.3 lock

*For more or less wheel turns, ask your distributor or manufacturer

*Adjustable Stainless Steel elbow Fittings.

*0-ring Type, part number HL014N0S.

Steering Kits Include:

1.) NTSH 025 Helm Pump. Front Mount Helm pump 25cc.

2.) SOC 3520V Type Cylinder. Front Mount Outboard cylinder. When ordering, specify the engine model.

3.) SF OIL 15 Hydraulic Oil. Hydraulic oil 1 litre x 2 bottles. SAE NO. 15

4.) NH 06-SS-07 Hydraulic Hose. Hydraulic Hose 3/8, 7 meter x 2 pcs

5.) Accessories Included. Helm pump fittings, Helm pump mounting hardware kit, Accessories kit 0AK-100 (Bleed tube, Funnel, Oil supply tube)

*The steering Wheel is not included in the package.

*Easy installation for limited space.

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