Steering Kits Include 

~HP4590T Helm Pump. REAR MOUNT HELM PUMP 48-85CC. Adjustable.

~I0C-50XX, 63XX CYLINDER. Single Straight Cylinder.

~SF OIL 15 Hydraulic Oil. SAE NO. 15, Hydraulic oil 1L x 4 bottles.

~NH 06-SS-20 Hydraulic Hose. Hydraulic Hose 3/8″, 20 meter x 1pc, Reusable Hose Coupling x 2pcs.

~Accessories Included. Helm pump fittings, Helm pump mounting hardware kit, Accessories kit 0AK-200 (Bleed tube, Funnel, Oil Supply tube)

*The Steering Wheel is not included in the package.

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