ADV- Series AdBlue/DEF

As European emission standards requiring strict measures, almost every commercial vehicle is required the employment of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. SensoTex, as one of the leading manufacturer of liquid level sensor, offers AdBlue sensors which supplies the SCR equipped trucks and buses and makes an important contribution to efficient SCR operation. Nowadays, all truck and bus manufacturer offers SCR equipped models, our AdBlue sensor could be applied for the emission standards of Euro 4 and Euro 5.

The kind of AdBlue sensor we offer to customer is a level sensor to use in urea liquid (AdBlue/DEF). The length of our AdBlue sensor is customizable. Our AdBlue sensor is also equipped with suction and return function of AdBlue/DEF, heating tubes for thawing frozen AdBlue/DEF, temperature sensing, and filter.

Features & Options

*Customizable sensor length

*Water circuit from coolant system for heating to prevent AdBlue/DEF from frozen

*AdBlue/DEF suction and return pipes connected to the header

*Analogue output with reed switch technology

*Customizable resistance range (Ohm value) for liquid level at empty from full

*Filter for blocking the impurities before AdBlue/DEF fed into your SCR system

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ADV- Series AdBlue/DEF

Application AdBlue/DEF
Material  Stainless Steel #304
Resistance Range Customization
NTC Thermistor 1KΩ, B=3528°K 3.3KΩ, B=3977°K
Assembly Way Easy Twisted Bayonet
Accessories  Rubber O Ring