Polypropylene construction:

Shock and load resistant, impervious to fuel and acetic acid. Notches and lugs hold the hose in position; in addition, the hose must be secured with stainless steel clamps. Connector is easy to fit, by means of 4 screws outside.

When installating the blower, we recommend to place the exhaust louvred ventilator in a reasonably protected area (for example, in the cockpit rather than on the transom), so as to prevent water intrusion into the ventilation circuit. An extra precaution consists in building an elbow in the hose.

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Ventilator Connector Ø102mm

Code Colour Title Description 
51069 White Ventilator Connector, Elbow, Ø102mm, elbow connector
51070 White Ventilator Connector, Straight, Ø102mm straight connector
60071 White Ventilation Shaft Grilles Cover, Ø102mm