Access Hatches

Access and inspection Hatches are ideal for easily reaching and controlling various areas on board, such as fuel lines, electrical cables, gauges,  controls, even the engine. They are specially designed with a non-skid surface and can be mounted horizontally, as well as, vertically. All hatches are mounted with hidden screws for discrete appearance. They feature an O-ring seal that makes the hatch watertight, 180 degree opening door, with one or two handles, where you can install a lock and an O-ring seal that hatch watertight. All hatches are made of tough, UV resistant PP (polypropylene) plastic, impervious to chemical solvents and are designed for external use.

Dimension: (276x376mm)  (250x606mm) (358x606mm) (460x511mm)

Colour: White, Grey

Model: Standard 

Optional Spare Parts; Lock and Gasket

*Special Colours available upon request.

Out of stock

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Code Colour A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) H (mm) I (mm)
10262 White 276 376 193 293 200 300
10263 Grey
11103 White 250 606 167 524 173 530
11104 Grey
10264 White 358 606 275 525 280 530
10265 Grey
11101 White 460 511 380 436 386 442
11102 Grey