GlobeMaster F-600:

-Easily Installed, Fits 7 1/4″ (18.42 cm) Mounting Hole.

-6″ PowerDamp Flat cards available in 5 degree or 2 degree with points.

-Full Internal Gimbaling

-90 degree Lubber Lines for Easy Reading

-Choice of Green or Red lighting in 12, 24, or 32 Volts

-100% Repairable

-Exclusive 5-Year Ritchie Warranty

When ordering specify Card Style and Night Light Color/Voltage (12, 24, or 32 volt).

Replacement Lighting:

*CS-0002 KIT (12V Green)

*CS-0003 KIT (12V Red)

*GM-0091 XSP (24V Green)

*SH-0180 XSP (24V Red)

Mounting Gasket: 6G-0035 

Approx. Shipping Weight: 11 lbs. (4.99 kg)

NOTES: F-600s built prior to 1996 may have used different replacement lighting. See service manual pages 7-32 & 7-33 or contact our Service Department at 781-709-3202.

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