CT60-IP Ignition Protected Bow Thruster

Available in 12V or 24V, the CT60-IP is suited to motor boats and deep footed sailing yachts between 20’-40′. Manufactured using composite materials, the CT60-IP is a single propeller thruster with a 185mm diameter tunnel and thrust rating up to 60/132 (kg/lbs) on the 12V model, or 60/143 (kg/lbs) on the 24V model. Integrating the unique features common to the Max Power Ignition Protected tunnel thruster range, the CT60-IP is easy to install and connect.

 Ignition protected thrusters  are ideal for motor boats. Their unique feature is the totally sealed housing around every electric part. This feature provides optimal ignition protection because it doesn’t allow any fuel fumes enter the electric parts and cause spark ignition. In addition, the sealed housing prevents water and humidity from entering the electric parts area and keeps it dry.

 Main Features 

*Ignition Protected to ISO 8846 and water resistant

*Easy to connect thruster

*Patented composite drive leg

*Zero maintenance

*Case hardened Spiro-conical gears

*Line shields

*Purpose but DC motors

*Electronic control boxes for unrivalled safety features

*Safe, high power connections

*Purpose built high specifications DC contractors

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CT60-IP Ignition Protected Bow Thruster

Product Description 

Code Voltage Thrust (kg/lbs) Propellers Power (kw/hp) Weight (kg)
317611 12V 58/128 Mono 4.35/5.8 17.3

Product Dimensions in (mm)

Model A B C D E
CT60-IP 320 255 375 185 6-7