Thermal: 35A/  70A/  100A/  125A

Hydraulic: 100A/  40A/  80A

The thermal circuit breaker is an essential component of the electric plant. It has three functions:

—protects from very dangerous short circuits

—protects the electric motor of the windlass

—interrupts tension to windlass when desired

In case of short circuit the intervention is immediate.

Concerning the electic motor a specific intervention curve has been studied in cooperation with E-T-A Germany. It is possible to re-activate the circuit breaker at the end of the intervention. The thermal circuit breaker is supplied with an elegant plaque for fixing and a led light. This unit is in compliance with EEC regulations and homologated by Bureau, Veritas

Product Code:

Types 35 A 40 A 70 A 80 A 100 A 125 A
Thermal 187331 187332 187333 187334
Hydraulic 600029 630616 600028

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